Local Fishing Report May 2017


Campbell River May 2017

Salmon fishing is really heating up in the Campbell River area as large schools of herring are finding their way into all the nearby waters and bringing hungry salmon with them. Good catches are happening in the Green Can and Hump area and continuing across to the Cortes bell buoy. Great fishing can be had trolling the drop offs on both sides. Sandlance and Peetz spoons are bringing in more than their share of the catch with many “teen” size Chinook being caught and a few lower 20#’s showing up as well. The Blue Meanie hoochie and the Durabait needle fish or anchovy rig is also producing well in the Green Can area. Salmon jiggers are showing good results off the Hump with 6oz. Point Wilson Dart candle fish jigs and also picking up a nice by-catch of the many Ling Cod in the area and the occasional Halibut as well. Shelter Point and areas to the south have been good and continue right on down into the Bates beach and  Kitty Coleman hump.


Prawning results have been very encouraging this year with stronger catches reported than at the same time last year. A good mixture of Carlyle Just Tuna and Tyee Marine ultimate pellets give you the best results. Depths of 350-400 feet seem to be giving the best yield, especially if you are using a line anchor or weight to keep your traps in place and fishing properly.

Great Ling and Snapper fishing in all the regular spots north of  Seymour Narrows and to points beyond. White or glow/chrome Point Wilson Dart jigs and 12 or 16oz jigheads with Durabait tails are working extremely well.


Courtenay/Comox May 2017


Lake fishing for Rainbow and Cutthroat trout is in its prime. Multiple insect hatches are occurring making this and ideal time to try Mayfly and Hare's Ear Nymph patterns. If you are gear fishing try a bronze fire-stripe Krocodile spoon, Rooster Tail spinners or Panther Martin spinners. In lakes that allow the use of bait such as Maple and Wolf Lake, use a worm with a bobber. Orange Powerbait just off the bottom can also be very effective. As the months get warmer the fish will retreat into deeper water so a float tube or small boat will be advantageous.



The warm summer months are prime time for monster Chinook fishing. There have been reports of fish 20lbs and larger being caught on Goldstar Koho Killer spoons. As always, any spoon with a chartreuse and white glow pattern will be highly productive. If early indications can be trusted, Kitty Coleman will be a hot spot once the weather settles down. Gibbs Moon Jelly flashers paired with a pistachio or B52 hoochie should work well in this area. Anchovy in a teaser head should never be counted out, even when dogfish make them challenging to troll. To avoid this pesky fish increase your trolling speed so only feeding salmon will be enticed. 










































































































































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