Local Fishing Report August 2017



Campbell River August Report



With the Lighthouse now closed to fishing, anglers will be flocking to the Green Can and Chatham Point to find their salmon. Both these areas continue to be hot, with King Kandy whole herring and cut plugs bringing in an abundance of fish. The benefit of trolling King Kandy lures is that they mimic the action of frozen bait but don't attract as many dogfish. They also have a sponge insert you can saturate with scent to make the lure even more enticing. A chartreuse Jensen Flash Fly may turn out to be a secret weapon against monster Chinook salmon. These “hootchies” have multi-layered skirts with lots of UV flash. A passing fish won't be able to resist. People are finding more than their fair share of Ling cod at the Hump and Seymour Narrows. White or glow 8” Power Grubs on a jig head are your ticket to landing one of these tasty fish. August is a month of plenty when it comes to finding fish, but it is also one of the hottest and sunniest months of the year. Remember to wear plenty of sunscreen as sun burns can quickly turn a relaxing day in the boat into a painful experience.



The two informal camping sites at Beavertail Lake make this a great spot to go for a weekend camping trip. The lake is deep enough that the resident trout and kokanee will be active through the warm summer months. There have already been reports of fat trout being caught on wedding bands with a bit of worm attached. Trolling this set-up at mid-depth may also land you some kokanee. If targeting these fish use a small trolling snubber as kokanee have soft mouths. Small Krocodile spoons should also be effective. Fly casters will have luck using damselfly and dragonfly nymph patterns, as these hatches occur throughout the summer.

By early to mid August the Pinks should be running through Campbell River. Equip your fly line with a super fast sinking poly leader so your fly sinks quickly in the swift moving water. When salmon enter a river to spawn they stop feeding, so selecting brightly coloured flies that will grab their attention is a must. Small handle bar flies in pink, green or bright blue will work. If spin casting, use the same flies with split shot, or a bit of pink wool rigged with pencil lead. The most important part of Pink fishing in the river is lure placement. Annoyed fish will bite at your lure if its in front of their face, but may not be inclined to chase it across the river.










Comox/Courtenay August Report



Trolling off the Kitty Colemon Hump is continuing to find anglers limiting out on salmon. To find the large Chinook salmon drop your gear down between 230 and 265ft. These fish can be picky, so adjust your leader length until they start biting. So far, green and white hootchies on a 52” leader behind a green glow flasher seems to be the favourite. The occasional cod and halibut has been picked up in this area. If your planning on having fresh fish and chips for dinner, head down to Norris Rocks, just south of Hornby Island. Various species of cod love to gather here. Try jigging Point Wilson Darts, P-Line Hali-Drop jigs and large Zzingers in white and glow colours.




There have been multiple reports of 18” or bigger Cutthroat and Rainbow trout being caught out of Comox Lake. Troll small Krocodile spoons between 45 and 60ft. With summer temperatures steadily increasing it might be worth taking a hike up to Battleship Lake or any of the surrounding alpine lakes. Early July through August offers a perfect window to fish these lakes. The lack of feed through winter and early spring means these fish won't be picky when it comes to flies and bait. A traditional worm and bobber set-up will be effective along the shore of Battleship. Its resident trout will be receptive to an assortment of mountain flies such as Tom's Thumb and Royal Coachman patterns. The network of trails through Paradise Meadows makes this an ideal lake to pack in a float tube. 

















































































































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