Local Fishing Reports Fall 2017

Campbell River Fall Report 2017



    Early September is still a prime time to catch Chinook in Campbell River. Continue using green and white hootchies and Cop Car spoons off the Hump, Green Can and Stuart Island. This is a great time of year to fish off of Discovery Pier. Several large Chinook have already been caught on green or blue Gibbs casting spoons, as well as on small Tomic plugs that are allowed to drift with the current.

    As mid to late September rolls around the large Chinook disappear and Chum become the targeted species. Head to Chatham Point and Green Sea Bay if you want to stock your freezer. Small pink or purple Michael Bait hootchies trolled behind a purple or red flasher are Chum favourites. This fishery should peak in mid-October and last into November, so you have plenty of time to fill your smoker with big Chum. These fish can be mighty scrappers, and rival Chinook in sheer strength, so continually check your gear for wear and tear. The occasional Coho may still be found, so make sure you have plenty of Goldstar Coho Killers in your tackle box.




    As lower temperatures cool down shallow lakes, Gray and Echo Lake should provide very productive trout fishing from the shore. Cast and retrieve small silver or brass Krocodile spoons and Metric Pro spinners. Echo Lake also has a wheelchair accessible dock, making this an easy place to fish for anyone. The Campbell and Brewster lakes are also great for fall trout fishing. Letting a worm or chartreuse nugget of Powerbait sit on bottom is an effective way to fish all these lakes.




Courtenay Fishing Report Fall 2017



    September marks the end of monster Chinook fishing, though smaller feeders can still be found all year long. If your green and white hootchies have lost their magic try sending down a pink or red pattern, as there have been multiple reports of Chinook being caught around Baynes Sound and Kitty Coleman on these flavours. Five and six inch Tomic plugs are still slaying, so pick up some Jack Smiths, 407's, 602's and 727's at your local tackle shop.

    Coho fishing should reach its peak in mid-September and continue well into October. This is a great time to troll small or skinny lures such as Peetz Holy Rollers or Coho Killer spoons. Fishing off the beach will be productive for both fly anglers and gear chuckers. Those using a spinning set up should try blue holographic Buzz Bombs or orange and brass coloured spoons. A wide range of flies such as Coho Buggers, California Neals, KCK's and Blue over Green streamers can be used to hook into these scrappy fish. Chartreuse green, blue or orange with white are great colours if you're casting Clousers. A floating line with a clear hover or intermediate polyleader should be the ticket to landing early Coho.



    October 1st signals the start of Chum season on the Puntledge River, so clean up your smoker and dig out those secret smoked salmon recipes. Condensory Bridge is always a popular spot to fish for Chum, with simple wool and pencil lead rigs being the go to gear. Attractive colours would include red, cerise and purple. Spinglow's are also a popular choice to entice Chum. These fish have a lot of brute strength so fifteen pound test line is a minimum.

    Fall is one of the most productive seasons for trout fishing. Casting from shore at Maple Lake with a worm and bobber is almost guaranteed to land you some Rainbow trout. Wolf Lake is always a good lake to fish as the weather cools down. Trolling small Tomic plugs or wedding bands with a worm are effective this time of year. Those using a fly rod should try Doc Spratley and leech patterns.

















































































































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