2017 Hoyt Bows Listed Here. Call for Pricing! in Canada

2017 Hoyt Bows Listed Here. Call for Pricing! in Canada
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Hoyt Bows Available at Tyee Marine - Call for pricing and availability Carbon Spyder series features the first ever HOYT carbon 30-inch bow for exceptionally compact, lightweight, stealthy maneuverability – as well as HOYT’s first ever Carbon Speed Bow – coming in at an aggressive 33 inches and 340 hard-hitting feet per second. Rounding out the Carbon Spyder series is the Carbon Spyder 34 for those who prefer a longer axle-to-axle bow or those with longer draw lengths. Each of these industry leading flagship bows feature HOYT’s most advanced technologies and innovation.Faktor series is available in three distinct configurations, each with a specific balance of performance features to fit your bow geometry preference. With 30 and 34 inch configurations for ideal fit, and a blazing fast Faktor Turbo configuration that launches arrows at 340 fps, all configurations feature the unbelievably slim and stable Faktor riser and all of the HOYT technology factors for success. Re-charged for 2014, HOYT’s wildly popular Charger™ features even more stability and accuracy with a new advanced pocket system and wider split limb spacing for enhanced torsional stability and accuracy. With the greatest bang for the buck ratio in the industry today, Charger brings you legendary HOYT quality, accuracy, toughness and high-speed performance. Ignite™ is the perfect HOYT bow that does it all for that growing bowhunter. Ignite features an incredible 19 to 30 inch draw range with one cam and an astounding 15 to 70 pounds draw weight, all in one bow. Legendary HOYT reliability. Low-torque grip. Tech Riser and Split Limb technology. Ignite is packed with features to start them right, shoot their best and keep up as they grow - all at an unbelievable price.Ruckus Jr. Is the total youth bow package to start them off right in archery and keep them in the sport. Ruckus Jr. Is fully loaded with exclusive HOYT technologies. 9 to 29 pound draw weight range, 15 to 27” draw length range, and comes standard with a light-weight, high-strength alloy riser, high performance HOYT Split Limb technology, full capture arrow rest, high-tech rugged fiber optic sight and 3 durable arrows.Archery in its purist form. Technology and tradition coexist to the fullest in these great bows. Dorado is short, light, and a great companion for anything from stump shooting to bowfishing to the biggest game on the planet. If you've "been there and done that" with a compound, give one of these bows a try. You'll be glad you did.  

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