Swarovski EL 10x32 in Canada

Swarovski EL 10x32 in Canada
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Swarovski in Canada EL 10x32

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The EL 10x32 binoculars stand out thanks to their 10x magnification, providing impressive detail recognition, even over long distances and on difficult terrain, such as in the mountains. The legendary EL wrap-around grip allows you to handle the higher magnification comfortably and easily.


EL 32 binoculars combine unique SWAROVISION technology with lightweight design, which is perfect for challenging hunting conditions in the mountains and long treks during safari hunting. The legendary EL wrap-around grip makes them comfortable to use with one hand. Choosing an 8x or 10x magnification allows you to adjust perfectly to your own requirements while out hunting. The 8x magnification provides you with an excellent field of view and rapid target acquisition. On the other hand, the 10x magnification provides particularly good detail recognition, even over a longer distance.

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