Rocky Prohunter Insulated Camo Jacket 600405 in Canada

Rocky Prohunter Insulated Camo Jacket 600405 in Canada
SKU: 600405

Rocky Prohunter Insulated Camo Jacket 600405 in Canada

Assembling both the exterior and interior lining out of polyester tricot for this Rocky ProHunter parka is extraordinarily beneficial for you. If you are not familiar with this material, trust us, you'll love having your hunting wear (can still wear it out every day) made out of it; it's lightweightquietvery comfortable to the touch and hangs on your body nicely. The hood is a great addition because it will shield your head from outside elements and provides additional warmth; although it's removable, so you can zip it off easily.

The full-length zipper that runs down the front of this men's jacket has been outfitted with a storm flap, which is excellent for you, because it will prevent rain and external moisture from drifting into the interior. Havingadjustable cuffs and also a drawcord at the waist is perfect for adjusting the fit of this men's jacket. Another terribly convenient component that has been incorporated into the design is the two slash pockets; if you  want to have your hands free but need to be able to access your belongings quickly, the pockets serve as great storage.

Regardless if you are in the woods waiting patiently for "œThe Big One " or are walking your dog on a cold, winter's day... You will be grateful for the 90 mg. of Polyfill insulation that has been constructed into this parka. It serves as a buffer against cold temperatures, but doesn't overwhelm you with heat nor does it feel in the least bit bulkyRocky waterproof construction is also quite valuable, because it offers you outstanding resistance to water and ensures that you'll remain completely dry.

Price: $129.98

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